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Arsène Carbonnier

Violin made by Arsène Carbonnier for Maurice Mermillot in the Mermillot workshop in Paris, France in approximately 1880-1890.

Johann Georg Thir

Violin made by Johann Georg Thir (ca. 1710-1779) in Vienna, Austria c. 1767. Thir is thought by many to be one of the finest violin maker in Vienna of the 18th century. His excellent works are in no way inferior to that of his Italian contemporaries.

George Kloz Model

Violin made in Mirecourt, France. An original paper label is viewable through the bass f hole indicates that the instrument is made in the style of George Kloz. A second label viewable through the opposing f hole indicating the store where the instrument was originally sold or, more likely, a store where it was repaired. The label reads F. Renoux, Bourges (France).

Joseph and Antonio Gagliano

Violin made by Joseph and Antonio Gagliano in Naples, Italy, c. 1799. The Gagliano brothers frequently collaborated. Many of their instruments were made with fine old stock of wood from the Balkan Peninsula. The scrolls of these violins are recognizable for their oval shape, an inner volute which was carved very small in proportion, and an elongated pegbox.

Pietro Grulli

Violin ade by Pietro Grulli in Cremona, Italy in approximately 1880. All major parts are original to the maker. Grulli was one of the last of the traditional late Cremonese violin makers. He initially made pianos but during the wars of Italian independence (1860s) when there was little demand for pianos he turned to violin making. His output as a whole was small. Stylistically his instruments are often long in body length and show the influence of his contemporary Enrico Ceruti.


Accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity by Florian Leonhard, London, England.

antique violin certificate of authenticty

Jerome Thibouville Lamay

Violin made in the workshop of Jerome Thibouville Lamay, Mirecourt, France, C.  192. Made in the style of Blondelt with an original label and brand Blondelt.


Violin made in the Mirecourt workshop of the Couesnon firm between 1920 and 1940.


Violin made in the workshop of Paul Meinel workshop in Basel, Switzerland in 1918,


Labelled: by P. Meinel.

Charles Fétique

Violin made in Mirecourt, France in c. 1905, bearing the label of Charles Fétique.


Violin made in the workshop of Maison Couesnon in Mirecourt, France, circa 1930. The instrument was sold by Paul Beuscher of Paris. The Beuscher label is dated 1933.

Amédée Dieudonné

Violin made by Amédée Dieudonné in Mirecourt, France. Labeled, branded and signed Dieudonné. The original label is dated 1934 and numbered 380.

antique violin certificate

Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi

Violin made c. 1750 by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi (c. 1710-1784). Landolfi was born in Germany where he lived until c. 1750 when he immigrated to Milan, Italy.

In Milan he came under the influence of G.B. Guadagnini who had moved there in 1749. Guadagnini is the obvious inspiration for Landolfi's work. His instruments have more in common with Guadagnini's models than with those of his Milanese predecessors Grancino and Testore. Accompanied by a certificate from Kenneth Warren & Son of Chicago.

Archibald S. Hill

Violin made in 1929 by Archibald Somerville Hill in Seattle, WA. The original label is visible as well as the brand on the upper bout. See Henley citation.

10403 Henley Citation.jpg

Franz Kirschnek 

Violin made in Germany in 1899 in the workshop of the Franz Kirschnek family. This violin making family business was originally formed in 1880 and continues using only domestic parts.

W. E. Rahde

An American Violin made by and labled: W. E. Rahde #116, 1988, Tulsa, OK.

antique cello certificate of authenticity

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