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Instrument Rentals
The Best Rental Values in Georgia!

We offer a convenient and flexible rental program for our string instruments that provides you with a quality instrument and the maintenance it requires, all for one amazing prize.

All our rentals are rent-to-own: When you rent with us you will make monthly payments, and 100% of the rental fee will count towards the purchase of the instrument. Once you've made enough payments to cover the total value of the instrument outfit, it will become yours! But not to worry, you are not obligated to purchase the instrument. In fact, you may return your rental instrument at any time; there are no penalties for early returns.

You can switch to a larger size instrument at any time, and if you enjoy your rental instrument and want to purchase it, you can pay it off early at any point!

Online Rentals Now Available!



Back to School Rental Special!
August 1st - September 30th

$25 per month for the first two months, including maintenance and damage waiver.

$33 rental plus $8 maintenance and damage waiver per month thereafter.

Pay for the current month (prorated) plus one month ahead upon rental.

$33 rental plus $8 maintenance and damage waiver per month thereafter.

100% Rental Fees Apply Toward Purchase

Step-up to larger size instrument at any time with no loss of rental equity

Expert Maintenance & Repair included, performed on our premises

No penalty for early return

Upgraded instruments also available for rental

Complete Outfit Included




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