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Online Rental

Thank you for choosing Mandarin Strings for your rental instrument needs. Our Online Rental service offers the same guaranteed quality and value of our in-store rentals, only with added convenience for you. Simply fill out this Online Rental form and we will take care of the rest!

We offer a flexible rental program for our string instruments. When you rent with us you will make monthly payments, and 100% of the rental fee will count towards the purchase of the instrument. Once you've made enough payments to cover the total value of the instrument outfit, it will become yours. You are not obligated to purchase the instrument. In fact, you may return your rental instrument at any time. Alternatively, if you enjoy your rental instrument and want to purchase it, you can pay it off early at any point!

Our online rentals have a 2 business day waiting period. If you'd like to skip the waiting period and receive your rental instrument same-day, please stop by our store!

Rental Features

Complete Instrument Outfit

Our rentals include an Instrument, Bow, Case, Shoulder Rest or Rock Stop, Rosin, and Cleaning Cloth

100% of Rental Fees apply to Purchase

All of your Rental Fees count towards the purchase of the instrument (this does not include Tax or Maintenance Fees)

Step Up to a Larger Size Instrument

You may step up to a larger instrument size at any time with no loss of credit. The first exchange is free!

Expert In-House Repair & Maintenance

We offer expert Repair and Maintenance services right here in our shop

Return Anytime

You may return your instrument at any time. There are no extra charges!

Back to School Rental Special!
We offer a special price for the first two months of your rental, with maintenance included!
August 1st - September 30th

Choose Pick Up Date

Please select the date on which you'd like to stop by our shop and pick up your instrument rental.


Please Note: Submitting an Online Rental Order means you reserve an instrument on the Pick Up Date only. If you stop by the shop before or after your selected Pick Up Date, we may not be able to guarantee an instrument for you.

Instrument and Pricing Information

Please select the type of instrument and the size which you'd like to rent. If you are unsure about what size instrument you need, you can consult our sizing guide or call the store for help. 


Instrument Outfit Value:


First Monthly Payment Due:


Monthly Rental:



Total Monthly Fees:





Prorate for N/A

Refunded if returned by: n/a

First Two Months Rental:














Initial Credit:

Initial Payment:



Instrument Outfit Value is the total value of what you are renting: The instrument, bow, shoulder rest/rock stop, and case.

It's the total needed to pay off the instrument.

Prorated prices are monthly prices adjusted to a period that is shorter than a month.

We prorate prices so that no matter what day of the month you begin your rental, you can expect to make all your subsequent payments on the first of the month.

We offer a special rental price for the first two months of your rental, with maintenance included!

Initial Credit is the amount of your Total due at Checkout that will go towards paying off the instrument.

Number of Payments:


Pick Up Date:

The Pick Up Date is the date your contract and payments are set to begin.

Initial Payment is the amount due when you receive your instrument. It consists of the First Two Months Rental and the Prorated Total.

All subsequent payments will be equal to the Total Monthly Fees.

Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding our Online Rentals please call in to the store during our operating hours and we will be happy to assist you.


Renter and Student Information

Please fill out your personal information. Please Note: A copy of a Driver's License or other Government Issued Photo ID is required in order to rent an instrument with us. 

Select File

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Payment Information

Please provide your payment information. Your payment may take up to 48-hours to be processed.

Please Sign Here (First and Last Name):

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